David Hacker

Development Lead


Material Design

When it comes to building websites, aesthetics are just as important as functionality. I use Google's Material Design specifications to build responsive and sleek sites.



MEAN Stack

In order to deliver content to the user, a website must be supported by a capable backend. I use MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js) for this purpose.




Often, websites require real time updating of data. I use Firebase and its bindings to ensure that content seen by the user is always accurate and up to date.

  • supervisor_accountMarch 2016

    I began working as the development lead under the software firm Pinnacle Coding. I began working on company projects, such as Android app development for Blinks and others.

  • businessFebruary 2016

    I landed my first job working for IndieU as a full stack developer. My job involved maintaining their existing backend (running MEAN stack) and implementing new features when requested.

  • new_releasesJanuary 2016

    I led our school's Zero Robotics team to international finals. We got to see our code run live on the ISS.

  • codeDecember 2014

    I got into website development. The first framework I used for my site was Yahoo's Pure framework.

  • codeJuly 2014

    I learned Python in order to compete in an an artificial intelligence competition. My best bot placed in the top 10 out of over 1000.

  • codeDecember 2012

    I wrote my first program in Java! Too bad I don't have it anymore (nor do I remember what it was).


P: (805) 368-5071

E: dmhacker@yahoo.com

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